Points of Light

Session 4

The party made their way back to Winterhaven and found its citizens wary of some impending danger.  They sought out Valthrun the Prescient and related their adventures to him.  He told them of the Keep on the Shadowfell, where the legendary Sir Keegan was buried alive.

After meeting with Valthrun, the group met with Ernest Padraig and collected their reward for dispatching the kobolds.  They were promised another 250 gp for ridding the vale of Kalarel and the threat he posed to the gate that guarded the Shadowfell.

The party set out for the Keep the next morning and arrived towards midday.  They descended stairs among the ruins and came upon a group of goblins guarding the entrance to the lower levels, which they quickly dispatched. 


RajAgainstTheMachine RajAgainstTheMachine

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