Douven Staul

The famous explorer gone missing in search of a dragon burial site


Elderly and gaunt, Douven Staul remains as spry and energetic as he was in his youth.  He is perpetually unshaven and in need of a bath due to his constant excavations, but prefers to be in his "natural state" as opposed to dining with lords and ladies, which he is often forced to do.


Douven Staul recently got wind of a dragon burial site near Winterhaven that may contain lost treasures.  He was captured by cultists of Orcus under the leadership of someone named Content Not Found: kalarel.  Kalarel's minions forced him to help them locate a rare artifact that would be used in some dark ritual.

A group of adventurers hired by Lady Staul arrived to rescue him and set him free. 

Douven Staul

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