Points of Light

Session 6

After defeating Balgron the Fat, the party found a secret door in his bedchamber that led to an excavation site.  The goblins and drakes within attacked and were quickly defeated, with Splug taking the opportunity to make his escape from the party.  After recovering a bit more treasure, they pressed on through the Keep on the Shadowfell.

The group entered a cold, damp crypt-like area and were assaulted by some undead.  They fought their way through to a chamber lined with sarcophagi that kept spitting out skeletons.  When the sarcophagi finally exhausted themselves, the group examined two altars to Bahamut with inscriptions in Draconic.  The party decided to rest once again outside the Keep to regain their strength.

Upon returning to Winterhaven, Ernest Padraig begged them to investigate the graveyard outside the city, which was rife with undead.  The party was attacked there by the elf Content Not Found: ninaran and her undead minions.  They defeated her and found a note from Kalarel detailing a password to enter the next level of the dungeon. 

Session 5

The party continued through the goblin-infested dungeon and entered a torture chamber.  There they found a hobgoblin attended by several goblins, who attacked.  The group defeated them and discovered a small goblin imprisoned in a cell.  He called himself Splug and promised to help the adventurers if they released him.  Splug warned the party that Balgron the Fat's chamber was through another set of doors and he had lots of goblin guards at the ready.

The adventurers left the Keep on the Shadowfell and made camp in the surrounding woods for the night.  They returned the next morning and stormed Balgron's bedchamber.  They defeated the enormously fat goblin as he attempted to retreat through a secret door. 

Session 4

The party made their way back to Winterhaven and found its citizens wary of some impending danger.  They sought out Valthrun the Prescient and related their adventures to him.  He told them of the Keep on the Shadowfell, where the legendary Sir Keegan was buried alive.

After meeting with Valthrun, the group met with Ernest Padraig and collected their reward for dispatching the kobolds.  They were promised another 250 gp for ridding the vale of Kalarel and the threat he posed to the gate that guarded the Shadowfell.

The party set out for the Keep the next morning and arrived towards midday.  They descended stairs among the ruins and came upon a group of goblins guarding the entrance to the lower levels, which they quickly dispatched. 

Session 3

The party entered the waterfall lair and found two prisoners of the kobolds bound and gagged in a cave.  They were Lod and Mazael, who both joined the adventurers.

The cavern immediately filled with kobolds that came at the group in waves.  The final wave saw a huge goblin by the name of Irontooth enter the fray.  After a pitched, heated battle the adventurers barely saw victory and defeated the brigands.

Within the kobold lair, the group found treasure and a letter addressed to Irontooth that read:

"My spy in Winterhaven suggests we keep an eye out for visitors to the area. It probably does not matter; in just a few more days, I’ll completely open the rift. Then Winterhaven’s people will serve as food for all those Lord Orcus sends to do my bidding."

It was signed by someone named Kalarel.

After resting for the night within the shelter of the cave, the group headed for the dragon burial site the next day in an effort to find Douven Staul.  They were tricked into entering the excavation site by a gnome explorer and his minions, and then attacked.  The group defeated them handily and rescued Douven Staul.  The explorer grieved over news of his dead wife, but told the adventurers that he had been captured in order to recover a relic from the empire of Nerath, an ancient mirror that Kalarel needed for a ritual. 

Session 2

The group arose in the morning and set out for the kobold lair according to the map drawn for them by Ernest Padraig.  Shortly after leaving Winterhaven, they were set upon by another band of kobolds.  They vanquished the monsters, but Oglar Tanner fell in battle.  After discovering an obsidian statue of a dragonlike figure with a demon head carved in the bottom, they returned to town to allow Oglar to heal from his wounds.

The party purchased some healing potions in town after selling the statue, and also bought a very rare flower known as a blood lily that grows only in the shadow of the great keep in the mountains.

The adventurers set out again the next day and came upon the waterfall behind which the kobolds roosted.  Milling about the waterfall were several kobolds and the party engaged them in combat.  They emerged victorious, but Orrik Blackhat was slain.

Before they could stop him, one of the kobolds ran back into the waterfall lair shouting "Irontooth must be warned!" 

Session 1

A group of adventurers set forth under the employ of Lady Staul in order to find her missing husband, the explorer Douven Staul.  However, her caravan was beset by kobolds en route to Winterhaven, Staul's last known location.  The kobolds killed Lady Staul and routed her retinue.

The survivors included the human warlord Oglar Tanner, the eladrin rogue Orrik Blackhat, the half-elf ranger Linka, the human fighter Erik, and the shadar-kai bladesinger Staufman.  They banded together and made their way to Winterhaven to find the missing explorer and perhaps some treasure at the dragon burial site he was supposedly excavating.  En route to Winterhaven, they were set upon by a band of kobolds, the same beasts that killed Lady Staul.

In Winterhaven, the party headed to Wrafton's Inn and met several figures of note.  Valthrun the Prescient, the town's wizard and sage, was approached by Staufman.  The elderly wizard showed great curiosity in Staufman's race, but seemed guarded against answering any questions.

Eilian the Old, a weathered and talkative farmer, told the party about Douven Staul and his last known whereabouts.  He drew a map to the dragon burial site for them, deep in the woods about a half day's journey south of the town.

Orrik attempted to engage a mysterious elf in conversation, but she refused to acknowledge him.  He tried to meet her behind the inn late at night and convince her he was following the rest of the party, but she didn't believe him.

The rest of the group went to the castle of Lord Ernest Padraig, Winterhaven's ruler, and learned that the kobolds were becoming a great menace to the peaceful town.  Their attacks came with increasing frequency and they seemed to have advance knowledge of trade wagon schedules.  He promised the sum of 100 gp if they were to root out the kobolds from their lair in the woods south of the town.  He drew a map for the party showing their location behind a waterfall.

The party rested for the evening in the inn and prepared to set out the next day. 


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