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  • Balgron the Fat

    This fat goblin lorded over the tribe that occupied the ruins of [[Shadowfell Keep]] under the direction of [[:kalarel]].  Balgron was defeated by the [[PCs | adventurers]] and his tribe was routed.

  • Ernest Padraig

    The lord of [[Winterhaven]], Ernest Padraig inherited the title from his father.  The townsfolk respect the rule of Lord Padraig and offer him deference, though he does not have absolute power as evidenced by his inability to muster a militia large …

  • Ninaran

    Ninaran was a spy for [[:kalarel]] and was sent to kill the [[PCs | adventurers]] at his behest.  She attacked them with undead in the graveyard outside [[Winterhaven]], but was subsequently killed.

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